Story from Sky, Cloud and Rain

Legge Gallery 26 February - 15 March, 2008


It was raining
 2007    SOLD
acrylic on board  8 x 85cm


 2007  $3,800
acrylic on canvas board  17 x 243cm


lalalula mama....lalalula.... 2007 SOLD
gouache on paper 29 x 158cm

Black Cloud, A Man and Tiny Houses 2007 NOT AVAILABLE 
gouache on paper 39 x 120cm

The Final Destination 2007  NOT AVAILABLE gouache on paper  77 x 206cm

Cloud Sky, Rainy Day 2007  $4,000 
acrylic on board  58 x 102cm


Black Rain and White Rain
 2007 SOLD
acrylic on board  36 x 135cm

A Man Holding a Boat and a Tree 2007  $4,600
acrylic on canvas board  46 x 236cm

Blues Black Mountain 2007  SOLD
acrylic on board  160 x 160cm


The Kite Season 2007  $350 each panel, whole work $1,750 
oil on canvas board  19 x 200cm

The Lover, the Cloud and the Lamb 2007  $4,000 
acrylic on oil sketch  94 x 92cm

Cloud, Rain and Sky
 2007  SOLD
acrylic on canvas board  76 x 142cm

Speak to me, Bapak....Speak to me
 2007  SOLD
acrylic on canvas board  51 x 46cm

The Night She Flew Back 2007  $4,600
acrylic on oil sketch  150 x 170cm

Horizon and Rain 2007 NOT AVAILABLE acrylic on paper  55 x 121cm

Cakrawala 1,2,3 2007  $1,500 each
acrylic on board each  19 x 160cm

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