Australia, born 1927
worked Italy and Australia from 1978

Girls, houses, and trees, 2008-2009
oil on canvas
95.0 x 120.0 cm
inscribed on reverse: Ken Whisson / Girls, Houses & Trees / 14/8/08 + 17/8/08 / &11.1.09 + 28/1/09

Ken Whisson: paintings and drawings, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 7 - 31 October 2009, catalogue number 3


In Europe Whisson has looked at and enjoyed landscapes in a wide range of paintings and as well as those that surrounded him in Perugia. Watteau’s landscapes are a source of inspiration, and I suspect that the distant glimpses of landscapes seen the background in paintings by Renaissance painters such as Giovanni Bellini are similarly admired. In Girls, houses, and tree, 2008-2009, there are similar reminders of the thickets of both Watteau and Bellini which create a screen between the foreground with figures, the subject of the painting, and the distant landscape. Whisson’s screen of verticals, consisting of trees and the edges of buildings, open windows and doors, more enigmatically obscures and reveals the figures of girls passing through his beautiful landscape.

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