Ken Whisson

Drawings from 1975 - 2006

opens 6-8pm Wednesday 21st November

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One Head  25/7/75 
graphite on paper  32 x 43cm


Ballarat  3/9/76
graphite (Australian Staedtler) on paper  34.5 x 50.5cm SOLD


Factories and Pale Cloud  signed front 'WHISSON OCTOBER 1979'
ballpoint pen, graphite, ink on paper  45 x 50cm


Two Girls, Two Houses, Two Horses  7/1/84
ballpoint pen, graphite, ink on paper  42.8 x 57.5cm SOLD


Aeroplane and Grey Horse  7/11/84 (Perugia)
coloured pencil on paper on paper  49.6 x 70.8cm reserved

The Iranian - 1st Version  12/7/86 
black coloured pencil on paper 33 x 24cm


Bucolic Caricature  4/8/86 (Perugia)
crayon on paper 50 x 70cm


Aeroplane, Building and Green Trees  31/8/89 (Moscow)
crayon on paper 39 x 50cm



 Landscape Lines   28/6/93 (Perugia)
graphite on paper 44 x 50cm


  Vivid Recollection of Australian Farm Landscape: 3rd version  30/12/92
ink on paper 43 x 56cm


Classical Still Life (with mirror and bookshelf) (Perugia)  28/1/95 & 27/2/95
oil on linen 84.5 x 120cm


Adolescent Girl   16/8/95
graphite on paper 36.4 x 50.4cm


Fairytale  12/12/99
pencil on paper 42.7 x 70cm


Street Theatre  first stage 2/5/2000 & 5/5/2000 (London, 30 Barkston Gardens)
crayon (Staedtler Wachsmalkreiden) on paper 34.5 x 50cm




 Light and Shade  1/6/97 (London) & 9/7/01 (Perugia)
crayon (Caran D'Ache, June 1997, Staedtler 9/7/01) on paper 48 x 33cm SOLD


  Green Aeroplane and Blue Face  10/5/2001 (Paris, Rue de la Harpe)
crayon (Staedtler & Jaxon) on paper  32 x 50cm


Blue Flame  16/7/92 (Paris, 12 Rue de Charanne, morning of arrival from Itay) & 22/7/01 (Perugia)
wax crayon (Jaxon) on paper 34 x 47.5cm


Green Faces  10/9/2001
crayon (Staedtler & Caran D'Ache) on paper  37 x 50cm


Greyhound  28/4/00 (Paris) & 4/7/03 (Perugia)
wax crayon (Staedtler) on paper  35 x 49.5cm



Blue Face, Green Face and Yellow Dress  25/4/05 (London) & 16/5/05 (Perugia)
crayon (Staedtler & some Caran D'Ache) on paper  32.5 x 50cm


Clouds, Gulls, Sailboat and Head of Hair  3/11/06 (Sydney)
pen & ink on paper (nib with blue-black double-feeder, and Pelican Indian Ink) 46.2 x 57.5cm


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