Robert Jenyns 1944 – 2015
It is with great sadness that we record the death of Robert Jenyns on 16th November.  He was such an irrepressible force of indomitable good humour in the face of all contingencies, it is hard to believe, let alone come to terms with, his death.  He fought cancer for 21 long months.  Even on the operating table he gave cheerful encouragement to the surgeon and nurses.  As a sculptor his life was measured out with twenty two solo exhibitions; each exploring his reactions to different subjects, all enjoyable and inventive, all with an apparent simplicity of means which clothed a high level of aesthetic brilliance.

                In their characters and dispositions Bob and his wife, Lorraine, were wonderful in quite different ways but together their natures seemed to coalesce and to share and project an immutable and benevolent aura.

                Our hearts go out to Lorraine and their sons Duke and Ace.

Geoffrey Legge

Watters Gallery







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