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Euan Macleod Artist Page

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Type of work
Painting, figurative

In 1979 Euan Macleod completed a Diploma of Fine Arts (Painting) at Canterbury University, Christchurch, N.Z. He arrived in Sydney in 1981 and has exhibited in both New Zealand and Australia since. His work has been well received and is represented in the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria, New England Regional Art Museum, Wollongong Art Gallery, Heide Park and Art Gallery, and the New Parliament House Collection. His work has also been purchased for the Centre for Contemporary Art, Hamilton, N.Z. Some prizes awarded include the Archibald Prize in 1999 as well as the Sulman Prize in 2001.

2009: Mindscapes and the Australian Outback with Euan Macleod, Rod McRae and Ken Searle

Exhibition 2008 - Boats and Other Paintings

Exhibition 2007

Macleod in Alice Springs

exhibition 2005

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